Care Pathway

Care Pathways Help Guide your Patients to Better Health

What is the Care Pathway?

The care pathway enables you to provide a full journey of diagnostic through to therapeutic solutions for patients with lower urinary tract challenges. Explore each step in the Laborie Care Pathway to learn how you can more seamlessly guide patients to better urological health.

Patients are more likely to fall out of your care if their path to improved health is not clear or if they fail to experience sufficient symptom relief. That is why we designed a comprehensive care pathway that guides you through reimagined diagnostics to advanced therapies. The pathway approach empowers you to provide patient-centered care, so your patients see the results they deserve.

Medical Technology to Begin the Care Pathway

Our portfolio of evaluation tools are designed to give you rapid and reliable results. From the moment you first meet your patient to discuss symptoms, habits and concerns, our solutions will help guide their care pathway. As patients begin seeking relief, you can count on our bladder scanners, uroflowmetry and other medical technologies to begin to uncover the best ways to deliver patient-centered care.

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Treatment Providing Patient Symptom Relief

The therapy and behavior/lifestyle modifications patients receive early in the care pathway can also be the most critical, which is why we offer first line pelvic muscle rehabilitation solutions using biofeedback, stimulation and EMG-Uroflowmetry. Our non-invasive solutions are specifically designed to improve patient comfort and treatment outcomes.

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Exploring Pharmaceutical Options

When first-line evaluation and behavioral therapies and lifestyle changes do not result in adequate symptom relief, exploring medications is the next step to treating your patients and can potentially be an effective solution. While Laborie does not currently have any pharmaceutical offerings, pharmacotherapy is a needed step along the treatment path. However, if the patient fails to experience sufficient symptom relief after prescribing medication(s), there are still many avenues yet to be explored. Laborie offers advanced diagnostics that can help you discover your patients underlying medical condition and additional therapeutic solutions to get the results they deserve.

Industry-leading Advanced Diagnostic Solutions

With advanced diagnostic equipment, we’re transforming what’s possible in patient-centered care. We are the industry leader in urodynamics equipment and catheters, designed to get the clearest picture of a patient’s underlying pathology so you can confidently determine the next step of treatment. Our novel endoscopy and cystometry solutions revolutionize the efficiency of procedures resulting in quality patient care. Our scopes are always ready always sterile ensuring that you have a scope available when you need it.

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Extensive Options for Advanced Therapy

We offer medical solutions that enables continued patient care including minimally invasive and non-surgical options like percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS) therapy, urethral bulking agents for SUI treatment, and adjustable tip cystoscopy injection needles. With Laborie, you can have confidence in a complete and effective OAB treatment plan.

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