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Intended Use

The RenovaRP® Centesis Pump is intended to be used in conjunction with the RenovaRP Tube Set and the RenovaRP Fluid Drainage Bags to remove ascitic fluid from the abdominal cavity for paracentesis, and remove pleural effusion from the thoracic cavity for thoracentesis. The RenovaRP Centesis Pump is intended to be used by medically trained healthcare professionals knowledgeable about paracentesis and thoracentesis. Note that the RenovaRP Tube Set and RenovaRP Fluid Drainage Bags are sold separately.


Frequently Asked Questions

The RenovaRP Centesis System utilizes a peristaltic pump that provides a gentle, continues flow of ascites fluid drainage during a paracentesis procedure or pleural effusion drainage during a thoracentesis procedure. Check out the video section above to learn more.

Managing ascites & pleural effusion can be a long, repetitive process with patients often having to undergo hours of centesis procedures multiple times a month. The RenovaRP system automates centesis procedures, allowing you to treat your patient safely, quickly and effectively. The pump sets up easily and has a pre-assembled kit, further saving you and your patient valuable time. 

No. RenvovaRP eliminates the need for vacuum bottles or canisters for centesis procedures. RenovaRP drainage bags store flat, saving you valuable space as well as the hassle of transporting unwieldy bottles.

 Please refer to the RenovaRP Kit Spec Sheet in the product literature section.

Compared to traditional 1 L vacuum bottles, RenovaRP Drainage bags have a larger capacity. The dual bag system enables the user to direct flow from one bag to the other without interruption, eliminating the need to stop the procedure to change bottles.

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