LABORIE takes great pride in improving patients’ lives through innovations in pelvic and gastrointestinal health. Founded by a visionary, today’s team remains committed to developing, designing and distributing next-generation solutions. Working closely with clinicians, universities, and non-profits around the globe, we make a difference worldwide.



LABORIE was founded in 1967 by a pioneer in urodynamics, Ray Laborie. Since then, LABORIE has expanded into new categories and has established itself as a global leader in urology, urogynecology, colorectal and gastroenterology. Many of our products are still proudly manufactured in Canada. Today, Ray Laborie’s spirit of innovation lives on in each of the 460+ LABORIE team members employed around the world.


  • Improving medical equipment

    After working as a medical instrument sales representative, Ray Laborie had identified a serious need in Canadian hospitals to have their medical equipment serviced and repaired. Ray established Laborie Surgical in answer to the hospital needs.

  • Improving service times

    Noticing the long delays and high cost of repairing medical equipment, Ray saw the urgent need to minimize downtime and reduce costs. By reducing equipment repair time to days rather than months, Laborie set a new standard in equipment turnaround.

  • Improving accessibility of equipment

    Laborie Surgical transitioned from a service company to a distributor of high-quality surgical endoscopes.

  • Improving patient outcomes

    Ray Laborie discovered his mother was incontinent and in such misery, so he decided to take advantage of his involvement in the field of urology to direct the company’s efforts towards finding a solution to this troubling and common disorder.

    Few urology centers wanted to invest the time, effort, and money required to perform Urodynamic evaluations. LABORIE recognized that by using computers, many of these handicaps could be overcome.

  • Transforming the medical device market

    LABORIE pioneers the first computerized urodynamics processor, the UDS-500, simplifying Urodynamic procedures for both patients and physicians.

  • Urodynamics goes portable

    LABORIE successfully introduced a line of portable systems. One of them was the UDS-50 Portable Urodynamic Analyzer.

  • Revolutionizing the healthcare industry

    LABORIE becomes the first company to use Windows® Operating System for Urodynamics. The UDS-54 is also launched.

  • Addressing aging concerns

    The first LABORIE Uroflowmeter, Urocap, enabled the prompt diagnosis of urinary obstructions, neurogenic bladder, and BPH. Given the growing number of older patients, it was a very timely release.

  • Ground-breaking equipment

    The first Aquarius® and Phoenix prototypes are developed. They are designed for thought leaders and research institutions. Nicki is launched to bring fast and reliable uroflow and pressure studies to smaller practices.

  • Expanding into Europe

    International Urodynamics has subtle but important differences from North America. Several key clinicians in Europe helped tailor the systems to meet the wants and needs of the international Urodynamics market.

  • Expanding product lines

    The Bonito provided complete office Urodynamics. Its flexible configuration allowed clinicians to build the system for their practice’s current and future needs.

  • Expanding product lines

    The Dorado was tailored to busy Urodynamics clinics and pelvic floor dysfunction centers. At the time, its use of video and database management were state-of-the-art. This enabled clinicians to diagnose complex pelvic floor conditions.

  • The dawn of a new age

    The Aquarius XLS and XLT were introduced to lead medical centres into the digital world. They allowed clinicians to perform multiple procedures simultaneously and integrated with other medical equipment.

  • The world’s first wireless urodynamics system

    The Delphis used Bluetooth™ technology to connect to PCs, laptops, and tablets. This freed up space in procedure rooms and allowed clinicians to move around freely while performing studies.

  • Improving quality of care

    The i-LIST® clinical database offered the first true HL7 integration to most Electronic Medical Systems (EMR) to key opinion leaders.

  • Expanding into South America

    LABORIE’s operations expanded into Brazil, allowing more clinicians to have access to high-tech Urodynamic equipment.

  • First compact, modular wireless system

    The Goby® provided clinicians with all of the advanced features they needed, without taking up lots of space in the procedure room.

  • The most advanced urodynamics equipment

    The AQUARIUS® line launched its new models. They boast the most comprehensive and integrated range of pelvic floor diagnostic options.

  • Bringing more innovation in to the fold

    LABORIE expanded its offerings in Urodynamics and Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation with the acquisition of T-DOC®, the Urology division of Life-Tech, and UroMed.

  • Bringing more innovation in to the fold

    LABORIE further strengthened its ability to provide clinicians with top-quality products through the acquisitions of Mediwatch, BUCK, and Unisensor.

  • Sharper than the competition

    The next generation of injeTAK® Cystoscopy Needles offered unique depth control functionality for accuracy, safety and speed for injections into the bladder wall.

  • Expanding into gastroenterology and colorectal diagnostics

    LABORIE acquired Medical Measurement Systems (MMS). Bringing in a global market leader complemented LABORIE’s urodynamic product offering and expanded the company into the GI field.

  • New steps in uroflowmetry

    LABORIE launched the Urocap™ IV Light. It was the first Android Tablet uroflow system. Flowtaker® also became the company’s first patient-based uroflowmeter.

  • Less invasive treatment options

    LABORIE’s made a strategic investment in Medi-tate’s innovative solutions for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

  • Stepping forward in gastroenterology

    LABORIE became the exclusive OEM distributor of Bedfont® Scientific’s hydrogen and methane breath monitors. These solutions are a less invasive and faster way to identify gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Celebrating a milestone

    This year, LABORIE is proud to celebrate 50 years of innovation and commitment to improving the lives of patients suffering from Urologic and Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.

  • Cogentix Medical is now LABORIE

    Together, our complementary products provide customers and patients with comprehensive Urology solutions from diagnosis through treatment.

We Value our Customers

Fulfilling their needs and exceeding their expectations is our privilege. We achieve this, “The LABORIE Way”, by living our values day in and day out:



We conduct our business in an honest, fair and compassionate way.



We deliver innovative, quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations, and ensure patient safety and global compliance are always to the highest standards.



We advance and continuously improve our processes to develop leading-edge solutions that positively impact patients’ lives.



We step-up and show others the way. By being first, we all lead by example.



We work as a team, support each other to succeed, and celebrate our wins together.


LABORIE partners with several foundations and not-for-profit organizations to provide humanitarian relief around the world.

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We are committed to supporting causes that matter to our clients, our employees and our communities.

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