LifeBubble™ Umbilical Catheter Securement System

LifeBubble™ Umbilical Catheter Securement System

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Protecting the lifelines of our most vulnerable patients

  • Reduces Risk of Catheter Migration and Early Discontinuation with stronger securement of umbilical catheters1, 2
  • Protects the Insertion Site while allowing airflow for stump desiccation
  • Easy Repositioning and Removal of each catheter without the need to remove adhesives
  • Clear Visualization of catheter position and insertion side for nurses
  • Sterile Packaging to ensure a clean environment at the time of securement
  • Standardized Method of securement to save time and simplify the procedure
  • Soft Medical Grade Silicone to minimize skin irritation
  • Complete Adhesive Kit includes precut skin-friendly adhesives and color labels
Product Code Description Quantity
LKS LifeBubble Kit (LifeBubble + Adhesive Pack), Small Size 20 / box
APS LifeBubble Supplementary Adhesive Packs, Small Size 20 / box
LKL LifeBubble Kit (LifeBubble + Adhesive Pack), Large Size 20 / box
APL LifeBubble Supplementary Adhesive Packs, Large Size 20 / box
BB LifeBubble Buddy Insertion Site Access Tool 40 / box


  1. Scottoline BS, et al. Pediatrics 2022, 149:638.
  2. Eskandar-Afshari F, et al. Pediatrics 147:293-295, 2021


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