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Laborie’s Obstetrics, Gynecology and Neonatal business includes products that support the continuum of care during antenatal, intrapartum, postpartum, neonatal and gynecological surgical procedures. You may recognize some of our trusted brands including the Koala® Intrauterine Pressure Catheter, Kiwi® Vacuum-Assisted Delivery System and SweetUms™ 24% Sucrose Solution to help calm and sooth babies.

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1Data on File, October 2023

Laborie’s Kiwi® Complete Vacuum Delivery Workshops

Did you know that Laborie offers hands-on simulation Kiwi vacuum workshops across the globe to physicians in all stages of practice? Our comprehensive course is taught by our clinical educators composed of obstetricians, nurses and midwives. The focus of the workshop is to understand the 5-Step Vacuum Technique created by Dr. Aldo Vacca which teaches providers to accurately place the Kiwi on the flexion point; mastering this technique is crucial for outcomes of moms and babies. 

Our Kiwi workshop is customizable to the facility and group of providers that attends the training. The typical format would include a lecture portion along with a hands-on component to allow for each participant to use the simulation model.  This will allow them to practice the 5-step technique on various fetal positions. Typically, we require at least 2 hours if both the lecture and hands-on portion will be done in person. This time frame can differ based on how many physicians are in attendance. 

If you would like to receive more information about booking a Kiwi workshop for your facility or group, please fill out the contact information form below.  

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