Nexam Pro

Wireless and professional with a broad range of features and functions for urodynamic testing.

Nexam Pro

- Overview

Nexam Pro is an easy-to-use, comprehensive system that offers unique flexibility and modularity, ideal for both routine clinical urodynamics and research. Nexam Pro meets the latest ICS guidelines for Good Urodynamic Practice (GUP). Its unique Virtual Instructor Program (VIP) assists during the investigation by delivering high quality results, quickly and easily. Bluetooth® technology provides a variety of functionalities such as multiple wireless uroflow, wireless pressure/EMG recording and a wireless speed controlled catheter puller system. Developed in close collaboration with leading hospitals worldwide, Nexam Pro has become the most user-friendly, professional urodynamic system currently available. Urodynamic Examinations:

  • Uroflowmetry
  • Cystometry (CMG)
  • Pressure-Flow study
  • Urethra Pressure Profiles (UPP)
  • Gynecology study (Pressure-Flow and UPP in one test)
  • Natural Filling Urodynamics

Pelvic Floor Functionalities:

  • EMG
  • Video-urodynamics
  • Neuro-urodynamics
  • Anorectal Manometry
  • High Resolution Anorectal Manometry
  • Biofeedback

Some LABORIE products may not be available in certain regions. Please contact your local LABORIE Sales Representative to learn more about the products available to you. NEXPR1-01 PRC023094

+ Benefits

Built-in Virtual Instructor Program (VIP):

  • Comprehensive and user-friendly, guides you step-by-step through every urodynamic examination.
  • Requires minimal training, saving time and money while allowing more focus on the patient.

Wireless and Ergonomic Design:

  • Bluetooth® technology reduces cables and allows easy portability and setup flexibility.
  • Height adjustable monitor, allowing a sitting or standing position during the investigation.

Extended Functionality:

  • Video UDS: Enhances the diagnosis of lower urinary tract dysfunctions.
  • Neuro-UDS: Neuro Module for free running EMG, High speed/ frequency EMG (up to 10 kHz), Pudendal Nerve Stimulation (PNS), Motor Nerve Conduction, Sacral Re ex and Sensory Treshold.
  • Natural Filling UDS: Immediate prolongation of conventional urodynamic study with real ambulatory monitoring.

Optimize  Workflow :

  •  Complete HL7 and EMR/HIS connectivity.

Multiple Upgrade Options Include :

  • Luna Wireless Pressure Recording – allows freedom of movement for patient and possibility to extend a conventional urodynamic study with ambulatory urodynamics (natural filling) within seconds. No need to make a new appointment or replace catheters.
  • Video Urodynamics – multi-monitor display to simultaneously monitor bladder and X-Ray images.
  • Wireless Catheter Puller – for speed controlled UPP measurement.

+ Specifications

Procedure Type: Urodynamics, High Resolution Anorectal Manometry, Anorectal Manometry, Biofeedback Compatibility: Air-Charged, Water-filled and Electronic catheters Computer Type: Windows 10 PC Power: 110 – 220V Pressure Transducers: T-DOC®, Argon, Memscap or Unisensor Optional Accessories: EMG package, (Wireless) Catheter Puller package, Neuro module , 2nd Wireless Uroflowmeter and Flowstand, Commode, Urodynamic Procedure Chair

+ Clinical Information

Urodynamics and Uroflowmetry
Urodynamics Urodynamics is the investigation of the function of the lower urinary tract – the bladder and urethra – using physical measurements such as bladder pressure and flow rate as well as clinical assessment. Urodynamic studies provide extremely valuable diagnostic data for any of the following bladder dysfunctions: Urge Incontinence, Stress Incontinence,Urinary Retention, Urinary Frequency, Nocturia, Hesitancy, and all other storage and micturition issues. Typical Urodynamic testing consists of Uroflowmetry, Filling Cystometry, Pressure-Flow study, Urethral Pressure Profiles (UPP), VLPP (Valsalva Leak Point Pressure) and EMG (Electromyography). LABORIE is passionate about bringing freedom and dignity to patients suffering from pelvic floor disorders through innovation in diagnostic and treatment options. We work with leading clinician-researchers and local universities to incorporate the most recent advancements and technical knowledge into our products while reflecting practical realities of the typical pelvic floor clinic.

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