Sterile, single-use barrier for use with PrimeSight flexible endoscopes

The EndoSheath protective barrier is an FDA-cleared, sterile, single-use product with an integrated working channel, for use with LABORIE’s state-of-the-art PrimeSight™ flexible endoscopes. The EndoSheath protective barrier covers the endoscope from end to end, isolating the endoscope from patient contact and protecting the endoscope controls from contamination during the procedure.

Some LABORIE products may not be available in certain regions.

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PRC 025229 - V1.00
  • One innovation of PrimeSight™ endoscopy is that the working channel required for suction, biopsy, irrigation or other operative needs is incorporated into the EndoSheath protective barrier and not the PrimeSight™ endoscope. This innovation eliminates the difficult-to-clean channel which exists in conventional endoscopes.
  • Helps keep the capital equipment budget low since one PrimeSight™ scope can do the work of many conventional scopes
  • Reduced endoscope reprocessing and down time means that you can meet you endoscopy needs with fewer endoscopes. Plus, unplanned endoscopies can be more easily accommodated.
  • You can use the same scope for diagnostic and therapy procedures since the 1.5 mm or 2.1 mm working channel is incorporated into the sheath instead of the endoscope
  • Reduced chemical exposure for equipment lowers service and repair expenses
  • Reduced staff exposure to toxic disinfection chemicals

The EndoSheath protective barrier is available in multiple models, each with a different size working channel, allowing you to configure the endoscope to fit the procedure. As a result, one endoscope can support a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Working channel sizes may vary but includes the following:

  • 0 (no channel) – Quick observation, examinations
  • 1.5 mm – Diagnostic procedures, smaller patients
  • 2.1 mm – For therapeutic procedures

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