Comprehensive UDS Series

Hosted by: Mikel Gray, Ph.D, FNP, PNP, CUNP, CCCN, FAANP, FAAN 

Mikel Gray is a Professor and Nurse Practitioner with the Department of Urology (School of Medicine) and Department of Acute & Specialty Care (School of Nursing) at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. He is Editor-in Chief of the Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing and a Board Member of the Society's Center for Clinical Investigation. He has authored or co-edited 3 books and authored more than 50 chapters and 200 articles in peer reviewed journals. He has lectured both nationally and internationally on topics related to neurologic urology and urodynamic testing, urologic nursing, wound, ostomy and continence nursing, and evidence-based practice.  A fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and the Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Dr. Gray is past president of both the Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates and the Certification Board for Urologic Nurses and Associates.  He has received awards for contributions to Urologic and WOC nursing respectively and is a National Association for Continence Care Champion.

Typical Sequence of a UDS Study

Webinar Part 1


1. Review procedures for preparing disposable equipment for multichannel urodynamic testing
2. Describe procedures for completing multichannel urodynamic evaluation
3. Outline actions taken immediately following multichannel urodynamic testing

Typical Filling Cystometrogram

Webinar Part 2


Discuss elements of filling cystometrogram, such as cystometric capacity, bladder wall compliance, competence of urethral sphincter mechanism, sensations of bladder filling and detrusor response to bladder filling


Voiding Pressure Flow Studies

Webinar Part 3


Discuss essential elements of voiding pressure flow study: uroflowmetry pattern, detrusor contraction strength, pelvic floor muscle response to micturition and urethral resistance


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