About Laborie

+ Where are the LABORIE international headquarters located?

6415 Northwest Drive, Unit 10
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L4V 1X1.

+ Where are the LABORIE U.S.A. headquarters located?

400 Avenue D, Suite 10
Williston, VT, 05495

+ How large is LABORIE?

Currently, we have 12 global offices with over 460 employees.

+ How do I apply for a job at LABORIE?

Visit the Careers Section of our website to access information on current career opportunities.

+ How is LABORIE connected to Medical Measurement Systems (MMS)?

LABORIE completed its acquisition of MMS in April 2015. As a result, LABORIE is now the proud supplier for all of your Urology and Gastroenterology equipment and consumables. Learn more.

+ How is LABORIE connected to Unisensor AG and Unisensor USA, Inc.?

LABORIE completed its acquisition of Unisensor AG and Unisensor USA in October 2014. Unisensor specializes in the development and manufacture of micro, high resolution sensors to measure pressure and pH values for the gastroenterology and urology markets.

For more information on Unisensor products, please visit the Unisensor website.

+ Where can I find the most recent news about LABORIE?

Visit the News section of our website to view current press releases.

Contact US

+ How do I find a LABORIE distributor or sales representative?

To find your local LABORIE Distributor or Sales Rep, please fill out our Contact Us Form.

+ How can I reach LABORIE Customer Support?

You can reach LABORIE Customer Support by filling out our Contact Us Form or call us at:

  • HEADQUARTERS: +1 905 612 1170
  • EUROPE/INTERNATIONAL: +31 53 4803700
  • USA: +1 800 522 6743 / +1 802 857 1300
  • BELGIUM: +32 3 780 17 38
  • CANADA: 888 522 6743 / +1 450 671 5901
  • FRANCE: + 33 1 43 41 34 22
  • GERMANY: 07264 09598 0
  • UK: +44 0 1788 547888

+ How can I reach LABORIE Technical Support?

For Technical Support, email For inquiries within the USA or Canada, please, please call Technical Support directly at 1-800-333-1039.


+ Who do I contact if I have questions or disputes regarding my Accounts Receivable invoice?

For questions regarding your Accounts Receivable Invoice, please call us at:

  • CANADA: +1 905 612 1170
  • EUROPE: +31 53 4803796
  • INTERNATIONAL: 800 333 1039
  • USA: 888 298 9729 or email:

+ Why did I receive an overdue notice?

The most common reason you received an overdue notice is because your payment was late and your account was subject to interest in accordance with our Interest Policy. The policy states that interest shall be payable on overdue amounts at the lesser of 2% per month or the maximum rate allowable by law.

+ I can't pay the full amount all at once. What should I do?

It is very important that you contact us so we can discuss payment arrangements; otherwise collection steps will be put in motion.

+ What forms of online payment does LABORIE accept?

We accept the following forms of payment: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Card.

+ How will my transaction be confirmed?

You will receive an email with the credit card authorization payment receipt attached.


+ How may I place an order with LABORIE?

For your convenience, you may place an order with your local LABORIE Sales Representative/Distributor. To find your local LABORIE Sales Representative/Distributor, please fill out our Contact Us Form or visit our Contact Us Page to find your local LABORIE office.

+ When will my order ship?

Lead time will vary depending on your location. Please contact your LABORIE representative for details.

+ How may I check my order status?

You will automatically receive an order tracking number and AWB once your order has shipped.

+ Do I have to pay shipping costs for returns?

Yes, as stated in our return policy.

+ How may I return a product?

Equipment: Repairs and warranties vary based on equipment. For all questions and concerns please contact

Disposables: Please contact your local office.


+ What time does each course start and end?

Please refer to each course offering on our Urology & Urogynecology Course Page and Colorectal & Gastroenterology Course Page. Your course may also list a coordinator who you can reach out to or email the course coordinator at .

Hotel costs vary from city to city, but generally run from $149.00 to $199.00 USD. Please call the Course Coordinator to verify the hotel cost for the course in which you are interested. Quoted rates are based on single/double occupancy and do not include local taxes or other fees assigned by the individual hotel property.

+ Is there a complimentary shuttle? If not, how much does transportation cost from the airport to the hotel?

Some hotels provide complimentary airport transportation. Transportation costs vary depending on the city, please call the Course Coordinator to verify the cost for the course in which you are interested.

+ Do I need to prepare for the course in advance?

For the 2.5 Day UDS Course, we suggest that you have at least 3 months of experience in performing urodynamics before attending. Otherwise, there is no preparation, experience or title required to attend any of our courses.

+ Is there a dress code? Do I need to bring/wear scrubs?

Attire at all courses is business casual. No, scrubs are not required. Depending on the course, you will be sitting for long periods of time. Sweaters and jackets are recommended as hotel conference rooms can be cool.

+ Are the guestrooms and the meeting room on the same property?

Yes, LABORIE always books the same hotel property for the guestrooms as well as the meeting room.

+ Which meals are included in my registration fee?

2.5 Day UDS Course includes
Thursday: Afternoon break and Evening reception
Friday: Breakfast, Lunch and refreshments breaks
Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and refreshments breaks

Pelvic Floor Rehab Course includes:
Friday: Breakfast, Lunch and refreshments breaks
Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and refreshments breaks

One-Day Practical Course includes:
Lunch and refreshment breaks

One-Day Interpretation Course includes:
Lunch and refreshment breaks

+ Why do I need to complete the pre-course questionnaire?

The questionnaire allows LABORIE and the presenter to tailor each course to the experience of that particular group of attendees. Also, we like to know if you are having any particular difficulties so we can address them during the course

+ At what point is my course registration confirmed?

Course registration is not confirmed until your payment is received.

+ Can attendees enter the patient exam room during the UDS study at the 2.5 day UDS course?

Depending on the host clinic and particular patient, it is sometimes possible to be in the exam room. The host nurse at the clinic will advise if it is possible.

+ Can my spouse or family member join me for meals during the course?

No, unfortunately we are not able to accommodate any guests during meals.

+ Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, provided you have attended the course in its entirety.

+ What courses are eligible for continuing education?

Currently our 2.5 day UDS Course is accredited through the California Board of Registered Nursing for 11.7 contact hours and all of our Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Courses are accredited through Kansas State Nurses Association for 13.5 contact hours.

+ Can I receive a discounted hotel rate any time before the course?

The LABORIE group discount rate is only good until the date listed on your confirmation letter. After the cut-off date, you will not be guaranteed a room at the property and the hotel will quote you their current room rate.

+ Should I make my hotel and travel arrangements before I receive the course confirmation from LABORIE?

No, You will not know if there is a spot available in a certain course until you have received a confirmation from LABORIE. You should not make any arrangements until you have received the confirmation.

+ What time should I fly in and out from the course?

You should plan to arrive in plenty of time to be present at the start of the course. You should not book a flight earlier than at least 2 hours after the course ends. This will allow you time to get to the airport, check in and clear security. LABORIE will not be able to provide course certificates to any attendee who leaves the course early.

+ What if I have to cancel my registration?

Cancellations made 11+ days before the first course day will result in a refund of tuition minus an administrative fee OR the course fee can be applied to a future course.

+ Who do I contact if I have a general Education Course question?

For questions regarding LABORIE Educational Courses please click here.


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