Ray Laborie Honored with the John J. Humpal Award

Ray Laborie Honored with the John J. Humpal Award

Ray was presented with the John J. Humpal Award at a Black Tie Gala on April 12th in Chicago, IL. The Gala marked the conclusion of a year-long celebration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Simon Foundation for Continence in 1982. This event attracted an international audience of guests including participants from Japan, Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, England, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Israel along with individuals from throughout the USA.


The John J. Humpal Award is named in honor of the Simon Foundation for Continence’s first chairman of its Governing Board. Professor Humpal was a University of Chicago business school professor of organizational development who, until his death in 1990, gave above and beyond to the cause of promoting continence.

“Tonight we honor another man who has for his entire career also given above and beyond to improve the lives of the estimated 200 million individuals worldwide who are affected by incontinence,” stated Cheryl Gartley, President and Founder, while presenting the award. “Ray’s entire career in this field exemplifies the essence of the John Humpal Award.”

In his role as founder of LABORIE, Ray has supported numerous patient advocacy organizations throughout the world including the Canadian and the German Continence Foundations, as well as professional organizations including the European Association of Urology, the Canadian Urological Association, the Urology Care Foundation and the work being done on fistula repair in the developing world. His caring does not stop at urology. In Burlington, VT, US headquarters of LABORIE, Ray supplied the first “Dragon” boat to establish races for research to cure breast cancer.

In accepting the John J. Humpal Award Ray stated, “I am so proud to have received this unexpected award…I am also so excited about the Foundation’s “Innovating for Continence: The Engineering Challenge” conference taking place here this week. I feel that we are getting closer to solutions, some permanent, for people with incontinence.”

About the Simon Foundation for Continence

The Simon Foundation is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing assistance and support to those suffering from urinary incontinence and their families. In addition, the Foundation promotes public awareness, reviews relevant legislation, and encourages the medical profession’s interest in this condition. The Foundation attempts to help the 33 million Americans who suffer from incontinence by organizing self-help groups and distributing up-to-date information.

About LABORIE                                                                              

LABORIE (www.laborie.com), headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative medical technology and consumables used for the diagnosis and treatment of Urinary and Fecal Incontinence, as well as other pelvic floor disorders in the Urology, Gynecology, and Colorectal fields.


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