T-DOC® Accessories

Air-Charged catheter accessories for urodynamic and anorectal manometry testing.

T-DOC® Accessories

- Overview

A full line of air-charged catheter accessories for urodynamics testing.

Urodynamics Pressure Calibrator

T-DOC® Urodynamics Pressure Calibrator

The 9000 pressure gauge checks the accuracy and helps calibrate urodynamic equipment using the T-DOC Abdominal Catheter. Universal compatibility. Reads in cm / H20.


T-DOC® Stylet

Turns any T-DOC® Air-Charged ™ catheter into a coudé tipped catheter for easier passage of obstructed urethras.

Velcro Waist Strap

T-DOC® Velcro® Waist Strap

Waist strap attaches transducer cables to patient by creating a Velcro® belt on waist. Simplifies moving or repositioning patient during study. Universal compatibility.

Some LABORIE products may not be available in certain regions.

Please contact your local LABORIE Sales Representative to learn more about the products available to you.



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