i-LIST® HL7 Engine

Comprehensive connectivity solution for integration of i-LIST with Electronic Medical Records.

i-LIST® HL7 Engine

- Overview

The i-LIST® HL7 Engine is a comprehensive HL7 Interface connectivity solution utilized for integration of LABORIE i-LIST with Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Some LABORIE products may not be available in certain regions.

Please contact your local LABORIE Sales Representative to learn more about the products available to you.


+ Benefits

  • Eliminate antiquated paper charts.
  • Instant access to patient records.
  • Protect records in case of a disaster (EMR Integration provides an automatic backup).
  • Improve patient chart management.
  • Reclaim office space, use space more productively.
  • Automated accurate coding.
  • Decrease/eliminate dictation costs.
  • Reduce overhead and risk.
  • Prevent mistakes and improve quality of care.
  • Information received can be incorporated into a software system without having to re-enter data.
  • Data changes are made simpler as it establishes rules for integration of health service data now and in the future.
  • Better tracking of messages with automated acknowledgement and error loops built into the standards.
  • Communication between nearly all institutions and healthcare providers.
  • Improvement in efficiency of communication.

+ Specifications

Software Type: Connectivity

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