Anorectal Manometry and HRAM Catheters

Top quality disposable and reusable catheter solutions for the whole GI tract.

Anorectal Manometry and HRAM Catheters

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LABORIE offers various disposable and reusable catheter solutions for the whole GI tract including Conventional Anorectal Manometry (ARM) Catheters and High Resolution Anorectal Manometry (HRAM) Catheters.


UniTip Solid-State Catheters

UniTip Solid-State ARM and HRAM Catheters are reusable catheters that do not require study preparation or calibration and use only one connector for all pressures. For over 15 years, Solid-state manometry has been a proven technique offering rapid response to measure true physiological signature.

UniTip Solid-State ARM and HRAM Catheters are available in various configurations and diameters with unidirectional or circumferential pressure sensors. LABORIE has selected several standard catheter designs including a 22+1 channel catheter for 360 degrees HRAM tube view. Customized designs are available on request.



Fluid-Filled Catheters

LABORIE offers a wide range of reusable and disposable Fluid-Filled Conventional Anorectal Manometry and HRAM Catheters. Water perfused manometry has been the world standard for over 40 years.

Disposable ARM / HRAM catheters are available with up to 24 + 1 pressure channels and offer many benefits: no cleaning (time saving), no risk for cross infections and no risk of cancelling studies due to catheter failure.

Reusable ARM / HRAM catheters are available with up to 36 pressure channels and up to 12 impedance channels. Both silicon (autoclavable) and PVC solutions are available. Economical pricing allows purchase of multiple catheters.



T-DOC Air-Charged Anorectal Manometry Catheter

T-DOC® Air-Charged™ ARM Catheter is designed with directional sensors and advanced membrane technology that communicate motility readings to transducer cables, resulting in reliable, accurate tracings every time. T-DOC ARM Catheters are disposable and eliminate the need for hazardous, chemical agents and enzymes. They are accurate, simple to learn, and easy to use, providing significant time and cost savings in set-up, study and clean-up.

Some LABORIE products may not be available in certain regions.

Please contact your local LABORIE Sales Representative to learn more about the products available to you.


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