LABORIE Presents Crystal Matula Award at the EAU 2017 Opening Ceremony

LABORIE Presents Crystal Matula Award at the EAU 2017 Opening Ceremony

Brian Ellacott, President and CEO of LABORIE along with the EAU Secretary-General, Professor Christopher Chapple presented the prestigious Matula Award to Dr. Christian Gratzke at the opening ceremony of the 32nd Annual EAU meeting in London, UK.










The Crystal Matula Award is the most prestigious prize given to a young promising European urologist under the age of 40 who has the potential to become one of the future leaders in academic European urology. The award includes an honorarium of 10,000 Euro supported by an educational grant from LABORIE Medical Technologies.

EAU recognized LABORIE for celebrating its 50th Anniversary, valuing their 50 years of contributions to functional urology and the advancement of urodynamics.

  2016   A. Briganti
  2015   M. Rouprêt
  2014   S.F. Shariat
  2013   P. Boström
  2012   P.J. Bastian
  2011   S.G. Joniau
  2010   J.W.F. Catto
  2009   M.J. Ribal
  2008   V. Ficarra
  2007   M. S. Michel
  2006   A. De La Taille
  2005   M.P. Matikainen
  2004   P.F.A. Mulders
  2003   B. Malavaud
  2002   M. Kuczyk
  2001   B. Djavan
  2000   A. Zlotta
  1999   G. Thalmann
  1998   F. Montorsi


The European Association of Urology (EAU) represents the leading authority within Europe on urological practice, research and education. Over 15,000 medical professionals have joined its ranks and contribute to our mission: To raise the level of urological care throughout Europe and beyond.


LABORIE is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of pelvic health and gastrointestinal equipment and consumables. Since it’s founding in 1967, LABORIE has been committed to delivering innovative, complete solutions that provide better diagnostics and treatment outcomes to patients worldwide.  LABORIE is a subsidiary of Patricia Industries.


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