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By offering compelling solutions to provide patient-centered care, we help you expand your practice with treatment and diagnostic capabilities. We understand that for you to be there for your patients you need innovative medical technology. Our focus is placed squarely on developing solutions and providing comprehensive services that improve and restore your patient's quality of life.

For you to provide comprehensive care along a complete care pathway you need urology and urogynecology instruments you can depend on. As the industry leader in providing the solutions needed to deliver life-changing treatment, we give you the clearest picture of your patient’s underlying pathology. Our urology solutions, from bladder scanners and endoscopes to our full portfolio of urological disposables, are designed to promote lower urinary tract health and help your patients feel relief. Our wide range of gastroenterology solutions cover the whole GI tract of the human body and help healthcare professionals manage the risks of investigation failures and misdiagnosis.

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Urology & Urogynecology

Our full portfolio of diagnostic and treatment solutions will help you get the clearest picture of your patient’s underlying pathology. To deliver life-changing diagnosis and treatment you need world class medical equipment, and our comprehensive suite of products will help you change the lives of those with lower urinary tract symptoms.


Our gastroenterology products are designed to bring your patients closer to living the life they want by giving you the ability to deliver patient-centered care. Help individuals overcome their gastrointestinal disorder and start improving the lives of your patients.

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