traxi® Family of Products

traxi® Family of Products

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traxi Panniculus Retractor quickly and easily retracts the panniculus


With traxi

Fully exposed surgical site

Without traxi

Difficult to locate or access surgical site

Patient Dignity

Whether they are coming in for a C-section on their special day or another abdominal procedure, help make their day a little more special. traxi is less humiliating than tape or straps and with reduced prep time and clinician involvement, your high BMI patients will think this is a normal part of any procedure. Application and removal are both quick and easy and will not damage your patient’s skin.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The traxi Panniculus Retractor is as perfect a solution to the pannus problem as I have ever tried. This product is a winner . . . a big-time winner.

James Greenberg, MD

Chief, Division of Gynecology


Part Number Description Quantity
PRS-0530 traxi Panniculus Retractor 5/box
PRS-1030 traxi Panniculus Retractor 10/box
PRS-0550 traxi Panniculus Retractor-Extender 5/box
PRS-1050 traxi Panniculus Retractor- Extender 10/box